When Opportunity Knocks…

Sometimes fate works in mysterious ways. I believe it does. Why else would my world have been rocked upside this week with huge anticiaption of my big break. So imagine this…I am changing into my running clothes to go for a noontime run with my running girls when my cell phone rings. “Hi, is this Tomi Tuel?  This is CJ from The Morning Show…it’s a fox affiliate. We are wondering if you would be interested in coming on our show day after tomorrow. Oh by the way we are in New York. You’re in California is that correct?”
Wow! Like that is even a question they would have to ask. Oh course I was interested, but how did they get my information, I wondered. I mean, in some cases I have solicited local radio for months on end and get no where, and then this…out of the blue, blahblam! They sought me out. The first time this ever happens to you, it is an amazing thing. You keep pinching yourself.  I could be in New York by tomorrow. I have never been to New York and to get a chance to go at Christmas time was beyond my wildest expectations. If I got this spot, it might be my big break launching sales of my book enough to get some attention.
So, I had all my friends sending positive energy and karma my way. But when I hadn’t got a call back by noon the day before the show was to air, I started to doubt my big trip. As it turned out, the producer was under the wire and brought in another expert. So, my big break didn’t come, yet. I have no doubt it will happen. It isn’t my time yet, but I believe it will come.
My message to you is this, have hope and faith, and don’t give up. All that you are learning through your divorce process can be applied to life after divorce. It’s like that book, All I needed to know in life, I learned in Kindergarten. Hence the title of a future book, All I learned in Life I learned from My Divorce. Divorce makes you stronger and when you have ups and downs in life you can take them in stride, because nothing can compare to the ups and downs while you are in the middle of a divorce. It becomes your benchmark for all other ups and downs in your future.
So, I am being positive that after the new year I will get to New York and be on that show. You too have much to look forward to after the new year. Stay positive. We’re in this together!

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