Top 5 days of the Year for Romance

Here are 5 of the top days throughout the year that romance is a must. These tips are not expensive eitehr, but are big on impact. These were just a jew quick ideas, but please let me know if you have some better ideas. I would love to hear from you.
1. Birthday – Ask in advance of her actual birthday what she  wants to do. If she doesn’t give you any ideas, then make plans for her prior to  the day. Plan a day trip to take a drive, hike, walk, or bike ride. Start her  birthday out with flowers and coffee and the rest will be gravy.
2. Anniversary – Have a weekend-get-away somewhere. Buy each  other’s anniversary gift in the town you get away to. It will have extra special  meaning. Make it something for the house and you will see all the time.
3. Valentine’s Day – Draw her a candle light bubble bath. Leave  her a gift of jewelry wrapped up in her towel. (Be sure the tub is clean and the  bathroom is tidy. She will appreciate the little extra touch.) Have headphones  and her favorite CD waiting along with a glass of champagne, then disappear.  Leave her a bell to ring when she is ready for your return. When you return  bring her two chocolates on a plate and the bottle of champagne with another  glass. (This is the part where you are naked!) Pour yourself a glass of the  champagne then hop in the tub with her. Feed each other the chocolates, then  enjoy the champagne and each other.
4. Christmas time – Share in the delight of your family at this  time of year. Take a night to see the lights around town together as a family.  Sing Christmas songs together as you drive around in the warmth of the car.  Maybe do this in your p.j.’s. Pack hot chocolate and Christmas cookies for the  ride. Build a fire when you return and watch a classic Christmas movie together  under a blanket with the kids all around.
5. Special Occasion – Give her your credit card and let her pick  out a nice outfit for your special occasion prior to the event. Make  arrangements for the kids and on the night of the event take them to their  activities for her while she gets ready and get make sure they are fed. Have the  car ready and the route planned. Leave plenty of time for dinner and the event.  Take a picture of her before you leave. Tell her how beautiful she is. Get to  the event and ask someone to take a picture of the two of you together. Hold her  hand and make lots of eye contact.
What are your top 5 days?

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