Great Holiday Gift Ideas for the Single Mom

Christmas is coming and already the publishing industry is gearing up for their holiday issues. So, let me know what some of you are wanting for this holiday season…besides a man! As a single person with two small children (which I was for 5 years) I loved gifts that made my life easier, pampered me or saved me money. Here are ten of my gift giving ideas for the single mom:

  1. A toaster oven (saves on heating a large oven)
  2. Someone to pay the phone bill for a month (serves as free counseling sessions with friends)
  3. Starbuck gift cards ( I was too poor to justify the splurge…loved treating the kids to hot chocolate)
  4. Quality dinners already prepared (
  5. New slippers and bathrobes for you and the kids
  6. Lawn mowing service
  7. Housekeeper or Handyman for a day
  8. Flowers
  9. A manicure or pedicure
  10. Time Alone

What was the best gift someone gave you as a single mom/person?


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