Everybody Wants To Find Their Soul Mate, but…

Everybody Wants To Find Their Soul Mate, But Do You Have Soul?


Let’s face it, if you suffer from Relationship-ADD your chances of finding your soul mate are slim. You have some work to do. When you are sincere about finding lasting love, you will project sincerity. Though unspoken, it will be heard.
If you are ever to find your soul mate you must first be in touch with your own soul.
By that I mean, what moves you? What gives you goose bumps in life? What energizes you? What are your priorities and what are your beliefs? How do people remember you? These are the things that define your soul. When you can define yourself in this way, you are more in touch with your soul.
Some people are motivated by causes to help others, others by the desire to please, and still others by challenges. Ask yourself what motivates you? Being more aware of who you are increases the chances of finding your soul mate.
The coming together of two hearts can happen in the simplest of moments. When one soul recognizes another like soul, it is magic. When I first met my current husband, my soul knew immediately. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. I was standing in a doorway watching him, and I remember thinking to myself, “Darn it, I’m going to like him.” I was just starting to like being alone, and then, without warning, it was over. My soul knew before I did.
I was attracted to his soul first and then his looks. Two weeks after he touched my soul, my heart felt the attraction. What does that mean, you ask? During that initial two week period of seeing Todd more and in different clothes, different situations, and studying him, my heart began to feel the attraction. But how he touched my soul is a different story – that was instantaneous.
Ask anyone who has ever experienced the soul connection and they will tell you very specifically when and where they were and what they were doing. Todd touched my soul through my 3-year old daughter. As I stood in the doorway to my kitchen I watched him practice tying his shoes with her. It was that simple. The strange thing about it is, you could ask 100 different men to perform that simple act and it would not mean anything other than grown men tying their shoes with a 3-year old. So why was it so significant to me when Todd did it? I don’t honestly know, but I can tell you that fate had a lot to do with it.
Like every good tale, there is a story behind this story. Prior to meeting Todd I had briefly dated a guy in construction. One day he was trying to be helpful and unscrewed the drain line to my water heater. In protest I told him not to mess with it. It was old and had never been drained. It caused a slow leak and over a couple months caused some major damage.
Not everyone believes in fate, but I do.
Todd was my claims adjuster and I felt that fate had sent him to me. It was a Monday afternoon and he came to inspect the damage my water heater was causing.
Having a soul attraction is different from a physical attraction. The best way I can explain the difference is that a soul attraction will scare you. It’s that pivotal moment you swallow hard and think to yourself, “Uh-oh what’s that I’m feeling?”

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