Something We Can All Learn From Pinocchio

“When you wish upon a star 

Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come true.

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do.”

– Leigh Harline and Ned Washington, “Pinocchio.”

Can you hear the musical tune?

I love the words to this for two reasons. First of all it’s from the Disney classic, Pinocchio. Having had a nose job at the age of 17, I think I share a connection with old Pinoc. But the real reason I love this is the message. Dreams really do come true and this is what you must truly believe if you ever want something bad enough.

I remember reading The Notebook shortly after my first husband left me back in 1998. I stayed up reading the book until one in the morning balling my eyes out—the kind of crying that when you wake up the next morning your eyes are swollen and you need an aspirin. I think it hit home so hard because I desperately wanted that kind or love in my life, that perfect love.

I was so inspired and moved by the love story in The Notebook that I wanted to someday meet the author who wrote it. I truly credit Nicholas Sparks for planting the inspiration in me to write, but who hasn’t he inspired, seriously! Over the years I have written a few manuscripts and screenplays that sit on my closet shelf. Eventually they will get published or optioned. I hold onto that dream and believe they will. I mean I really b-e-l-i-e-v-e  it will happen.

Last week, the dream I have held onto longer than any other, including getting a book published, came true. I finally got my chance to meet Nicholas Sparks. Settle down. I know that might not be a big whoop for some of you guys, but I’m sure some of the ladies out there understand. To me, it was huge. Plus, I’m not talking like meeting him at a book signing or at a party or in an elevator, nothing like that. I’m talking about, “Hey Tomi, come on over. We’re hanging out by the pool and Nick is here in town. I want you to meet him.” Long story short, his sister-in-law and I met in 2010 and became fast friends.

I had attended one of Nick’s book signings and left a chapter from a manuscript I was working on. The story goes: he read it and liked it and then his sister-in-law called me looking for someone to write with. It was writing, my passion, that he inspired, that brought us together. My point is when you believe in something things naturally gravitate it the direction of that belief. The friends you make, the connections you have all are part of the natural happening that is in your mind’s eye when you believe.

Hold on to your dreams and wherever you are wish upon a star.